SUDEF will deliver its commitments using competent resources in a safe and strategic manner through trust, effective collaboration and partnering with its stakeholders responsibly.


SUDEF shall be the most trusted, respected and indispensable Organization bringing hope to the hopeless and the vulnerable, through the promotion of good health, social and economic well-being in the society.


Building capacity of sustain water, sanitation and hygiene(WASH) systems at community, district and school levels.

Community Mobilization, Organizing, sensitization and Education in WASH.

Supporting District Ownership & Management(DOM)/Community Ownership & Management (COM) WASH in schools - WinS/SHEP, etc.

Health/Hygiene & Sanitation Education Advocacy campaignes; commemorarion global one-off events, such as World Malaria Day, Menstrual Hygiene Day, Global Handwashing Day, etc.

Charity/AID - institions & people - centered programs on donations and contributions, etc.

Gender Mainstreaming promotion.

Natural Resource Management(Environment, Water purification and mangaement

Reasearch(Monitoring & Evaluating - M&E). This includes inception and feasibility studies.